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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best ways to transition from doing interviews to direct selling? And vise versa.

Doing interviews is one approach that has a certain number of steps and Direct Selling is another approach that has a different number of steps. It’s hard to decide in the middle of the Interview Process to change to Direct Selling and the other way around. The reason is the prospect is set in a certain mood and disrupting this mood will harm the sale.

We recommend sticking to one of the approaches for each prospect sponsor/partner. It’s ok to do both with different people. Absolutely. But don’t mix them up before asking your coach about it

How do I personalize the sponsorhip letter to my potential advertisers when I am not doing any speaking engagements for them, or if all I have to offer them is the book sales potential?

Question for the author: why is it not possible for the speaking engagements to happen? Also, you need to get really clear on what is that the sponsors are buying. Selling books, without the your involvement as an author, without the willingness to go up on stage or do interviews to promote the book is not a lucrative idea for a sponsor. So if the intention is to sell Ads in the book and the outcome will be that you wait for the book to be sold in bookstores or Amazon.com or online, let’s talk this through. There must be something unclear in terms of what will the book do for the author and a bigger unclarity in the vision for this book.

If I wanted to switch books (as I went with this one because everyone in the room was doing “empowering women” books but I feel mine is different and could really help, so maybe I should switch books temporarily.

We need to review your critical three points. The book is engineered to deliver a certain Primary Objective to you. So we need to start from there. What is your Primary Objective? Who would be your Target population? What are their needs, desires and problems?

After doing the interview, Colombo close and sending co marketing materials, how do you proceed with those sponsors that haven’t seen the Ad kit?

Co – marketing proposal is identical in purpose with the Advertising Kit. There is no need for the AdKit to be sent. Once you’ve sent that, you proceed with a follow-up conversation where you answer questions and make the sale 🙂

Sample of difficult objections during interviews & how to handle.

Objection: We don’t know you in the position of a sales coach and we have no idea whether you are good at this sales thing.

Answer: Well, if one of the fastest growing book publishing companies in the world is publishing my book, it must be good 🙂 – This usually shuts this door. If I feel there is still uncertainty, then I offered to do a training for their people, free of charge for the company but everybody in the room needed to buy a copy of my book as an “entrance ticket”. And after they see me in action they’re good to go with future commitments.

Objection: Sponsor confirmed for premium package but then realized they won’t have cash so they wanted to pull off.

Answer: Offer them to do some monthly payments and this solved it.

I talked to an author who asked when they reached the payment for IAP thru sponsorship – would they stop selling? In what ways can they sell or partner with their potential buss partners, if they had enough ads?

There is almost 80.000 USD that can be sold under the form of sponsorship. And when IAP is paid for … well, no reason not to cash in more. BCB does not restrict the money an author can generate using their books. 🙂

I’ll tell you how I came up with that number: 10 Ads $3000 (this is an average of the 3 packages), 10 Feature Profiles $4000 (again, an average), 1 Guest Chapter * $7500 = $77500.

When authors start to accept payments for the ads and sponsorship, do they need to provide receipt or they can directly receive the money to their bank/paypal accounts?

This question needs to be figured out with a tax expert or an accountant. What happens is you generate an income. That income needs to be proven, declared and taxed accordingly. In Europe, if you cash in money that you have to declare and pay taxes on, It cannot be done without iissuing a receipt. In US and Canada using the Order form attached to the Ad Kit, I guess could be fine. You receive some money and the order form becomes a sort of a contract that they can use for tax purposes. It is absolutely necessary that you figure this out based on the tax laws of your state with an expert.

How do we sell from stage?

When you are up on stage there are two reasons from which you are there. No. 1, you are paid to talk. If you are paid to talk there will be no selling at any point, it’s just you giving awesome advice and of course you are selling yourself. It will be a very structured talk where you are teaching and help solve a problem.

If you got a free speaking engagement, it puts you in front of your target audience and it could be putting you in front of the people who could be buying your products and services. Be very clear in what you are selling, list down what are the key features of your program, what is it that you’re helping your clients achieve with your program or whatever it is that you’re selling. Study the speakers who are doing this, listen to them and see what they sell and the key features, how they talk about them. Make sure you deliver a ton of value!

Where can we get success resources?

Google “success resources” or look at the 8 Steps of Publishing Success Talk by Gerry Robert

How do you approach people you know (and sell them an Ad in your book)?

If you want their expertise, you can tell them you are working on this book and you want to get 20 minutes of their time to get their input. Pretty easy!

If you already know them, in this case the Direct Selling approach is the best way to go about it. See complete guide here (http://kickinthebuttservice.com/first-steps-to-fund-it-coaching/)

How do you get paid ads?

Direct selling – people you know are great prospects for that, you will act as PR for them and keep it clear about what’s in it for them.

Interview process – build a relationship with them, you want to get to know them, complete guide here (http://kickinthebuttservice.com/first-steps-to-fund-it-coaching/)

What’s most important to get going when you feel stuck?

It really depends on where are you at as a business when this book idea showed up for you and how willing are you to get out of your comfort zone and to do the steps that needs to be done in order for you to be successful.

It depends on your primary objective.

Should the book showcase my business?

Again you need to get to back to your primary objective. If you want to be a speaker and this is your business (coaching on leadership skills). Now what you want to do in order to get speaking engagements is to write a book about leadership skills. So, the book is there to establish you as an authority in your field. There will be no mention in the book about your business, but you can mention your business through testimonials. Don’t treat your book like a brochure; your book is more than that!

What do I need to know about book editing?

As authors, we know how writing the book works, and that it does not end there. There’s a whole new set of things that are supposed to happen once the manuscript is done.

What do I need to know about book layout?

Layout is super interesting! This is how the book will go from a manuscript to the actual printer. The layout part of the process is how the graphic designer visually arranges the content of your book.

What do I need to prepare before my book goes to print?

Research, again, is the key here when you’re looking for the right printer. Consider the number of years they’ve been in the business. First consideration is experience—you can see that in their portfolio. If the printer has a website, they will show you how many years they’ve been in the business. And that speaks for itself. A business wouldn’t have survived that long if they’re not great and they’re not good at what they do.

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